ultimateSAM and gaSteam

Significant energy savings by minimising condensation and heat loss in the AHU/duct.

Steam distributor for short absorption distance

Suitable for atmospheric or pressurised steam sources.

Gas-fired humidifiers

GaSteam is a green solution as it operates on natural gas, a clean and economical energy source.

Short absorption distance

To achieve a very short not-wetting distance and ensure only dry steam is delivered into the AHU/duct,
the nozzles take steam from the inside of the pipe, away from the wall where condensate may form.

Condensate formation reduction

Pipe insulation
Air cushion insulation made in AISI 304 steel structure isolates the steam pipe from direct contact with the air in the AHU/duct, thus achieving a 30% reduction in condensate formation.

Only dry steam introduced into the distribution pipe

Condensate separator manifold
On single pipe versions the manifold also acts as a condensate separator.
The louver ensures that the steam follows a specific path, separate from any condensate, which is drained through the discharge terminal. Only dry steam enters the distribution pipes.

Energy saving

Estimated savings of up to 70% in energy costs are possible when using gas rather than electricity.
gaSteam is therefore the ideal choice for applications where steam is needed many
hours a day, bringing significant savings in operating costs and a rapid return on investment.

Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger featuring an exclusive design that guarantees high efficiency (94-96%) and easy maintenance.
Made from stainless steel to ensure long life, even in heavy-duty operation.

Safety and flame control

Maximum efficiency and safety ensured by the premix burner with proportional gas valve.
The control system connected to the electrical panel directly detects the flame,
thus guaranteeing maximum reliability and safety. In addition, in the event of faults the control system attempts to reignite the flame or closes the safety valve, providing an alarm signal.