humiFog Multizone Touch

The result of CAREL’s decades of experience in the field of high pressure adiabatic humidification, humiFog Multizone Touch represents the perfect combination of advanced control logic designed to ensure hygiene and service continuity, and a simple and intuitive interface.


The main changes concern:

Increased production capacity, now available up to 1200 kg/h, making the solution even more competitive for large and multi-system installations.


Possibility to control humidity in up to 12 independent zones, with 12 distribution systems connected to one single pumping station, rationalising investments and maintenance costs.


Easy and intuitive operation, configuration and maintenance. Each multi-system installation can be controlled from one single point using the new touch display; remote cloud supervision is also available, with the Modbus and BACnet communication protocols embedded as standard


The high pressure pump (70+ bars) guarantees the generation of droplets with a very fine diameter, meaning very precise control and above all a high absorption efficiency in shorter humidification sections (even as small as 600 mm). This in turn brings the benefits in terms of lower running costs that are typical of adiabatic humidification, without wasting water and needing to increase the size of the AHU.


Hygiene and safety are the priorities of CAREL’s humidification solutions, and humiFog Multizone Touch is no exception. Hygiene is VDI6022 certified, without the need for chemicals additives or costly maintenance protocols, making the solution suitable for installation in critical applications, such as hospitals and clean rooms. Hygiene features include water drain due to inactivity and automatic washing, combination with a reverse osmosis water purification system, and the use of materials such as stainless steel that prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

Very low power consumption is humiFog’s main strength (4 W per kg/h of humidity generated, against the approximately 800 W required by a traditional isothermal humidifier), meaning much lower installed power.