Food Safety

Food Safety, HACCP


CAREL control systems are certified by HACCP International for food safety in the related processes. It is not a matter of adapting to regulations, but of a voluntary quality certification. An added value exceeding the standards imposed by the directives and ranking CAREL solutions at the top in safety. This certification is an assurance for manufacturers, distributors and consumers.

Refrigerated showcases and cold rooms are two symbolic locations of food safety. The closely connected issue is sustainability in the cold chain. A potential risk for food in terms of preservation times, temperatures which are too high or too low or non-optimal relative humidity can be measured and traced in these environments. And right here CAREL systems guarantee reliability and accuracy of the measurements at the origin, becoming a valuable asset in terms of food safety and quality managers: the lower the stress on the products, the better the preservation conditions. Food lasts longer and all organoleptic characteristics remain intact. 
CAREL offers both point-to-point solutions among the most high-performance ones available on the market and a global solution at the top of the range. We guarantee better food preservation and higher energy saving. Expenses are cut and food is preserved better and longer.

Sustainability in the cold chain

Wasting food involves loss of money as well as aspects of great non-sustainability. Thinking about prevention means thinking responsibly, avoiding behaviours that are harmful in terms of global energy. It's a green approach to managing materials, machines, electronic systems and all working processes that jointly produce, transport and contribute to food distribution.
The system of the modern food distribution chain is very complicated and the aspect of sustainability is closely linked to that of food safety.
Improving food safety in a few fundamental links of the "cold chain" is a strategic choice and an important innovation in terms of sustainability.
The target is balancing the highest attention to food safety with the lowest possible costs of the energy needed to maintain the correct standards in food refrigeration and preservation.
Sustainability in the cold chain


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