Unit management



APPLICA is the new CAREL App for interacting with the latest generation of CAREL parametric controllers equipped with NFC or Bluetooth technology and with the c.pco range programmable controllers.


APPLICA has been developed to be unique: rather than different versions for each device, there is just one App for all compatible current and future devices.

APPLICA revolutionises and simplifies commissioning and maintenance of HVAC/R units, through the use of a mobile device, without the need for PCs, serial converters, optional terminals, and so on. All of this is made possible by:

  • a simple and intuitive user interface;
  • no new technology or experience needed: smartphones and apps are commonly used by over 80% of the world’s population;
  • wireless connectivity with the devices via Bluetooth and NFC, avoiding the need for additional wiring in the field, something that is often difficult due to the inconvenient places where HVAC/R units are installed (roofs, false ceilings, equipment rooms, ...) ;

Thanks to Applica’s features, users can:

  • Access a multilingual interface;
  • Get the identifiers of the connected device (serial number, software version installed, etc...);
  • Manage parameters, profiles or customisable configurations; 
  • View and export of real-time and/or historical data and trends;
  • Access the documentation for the connected device;

APPLICA is currently compatible with the new Heez series, MPXone and uChiller controllers, as well as with the new Bluetooth version of PJEasy, called PJ-BLE. Using the new Bluetooth and Wi-Fi gateways, APPLICA is also compatible with the CAREL c.pCO range devices.




CONTROLLA is the new app developed by CAREL that allows end users to simply control HVAC/R units equipped with CAREL devices.


CONTROLLA, just like APPLICA, has been developed to be unique: rather than different versions for each device, there is just one app for all compatible current and future devices.

CONTROLLA allows local interaction via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or remote interaction via the Internet, with connection to the tERA portal services, maintaining the same functions for both types of connection.

The main features are:

  • an intuitive user interface, customisable and available in the user’s preferred language;
  • the same user experience for both types of connection, local or remote, to ensure control of the unit both when you are in the vicinity (connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and when you are off-site (connection via tERA services);
  • compatibility with both programmable controllers and new generation parametric controllers

CONTROLLA is compatible with CAREL devices both with native wireless technology, and without, using the new RS485/Bluetooth and RS485/Wifi gateways.




RILEVA, the app for interacting with the new CAREL GLD series gas leakage detectors.


RILEVA, the app for interacting with the new CAREL GLD series gas leakage detectors, equipped with Bluetooth technology.

RILEVA simplifies the commissioning and maintenance of the CAREL GLD series gas leakage detectors. It can interface with the detector via a smartphone for simple, practical and fast configuration.

RILEVA also simplifies calibration of the sensors by guiding the operator through the various stages of testing, making the procedure much faster and thus saving time.

Features include the following:

  • Configuration (assign device name, define alarm thresholds, modify Modbus settings, configure relay behaviour and manage analogue output settings);
  • Maintenance (functional test - LED/buzzer, relay and analogue output level);
  • Calibration (view sensor type, serial number, expiry and start zero/span calibration with customisable calibration certificate);
  • Intuitive interface (display current gas measurement and confirm alarm/fault status.



Product finder


Quick Finder

The selection tool for refrigeration applications.


This has been designed and developed for distributors and installers, with the following objectives: 

  • To provide a useful contribution in the field, when product information is needed during installation or maintenance, such as parameter tables, alarm tables, connection diagrams and instruction sheets, thus helping the installer in their every day work, and making access to this information faster. 
  • To offer a CAREL alternative to other products available on the market. Distributors or installers who want to use a CAREL controller for a speci¬fic application can now refer to a table with complete comparison of compatible instruments.



Climate tools



Simple and intuitive, an essential application not only for designers.

Climate tools is available in both the International Metric System (SI) and the Imperial system.



pRack size&more

The pRack tool for retail applications.


This app has been designed for:

  • SIZING To suggest the most matching codes and architecture. It is also possible to export a pdf file with summary information about your choice.
  • FINDING information, starting from: CAREL codes, Mask Index, Supervisory name and Alarm codes.
  • MORE To provide a useful contribution both in the office and in the field, when product information is needed during selection or installation or maintenance.