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Natural refrigerants in food retail applications are becoming more and more common as a result of their environmental sustainability and energy savings. Discover the latest innovations developed by CAREL for centralised refrigeration systems!

At VTS 2.0 we will be talking about:

  • multiDC, the full-modulating CO2 unit with patented oil system;
  • chillBooster, to empower CO2 gas coolers for future-proof new installations and life-extending retrofits.


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multi DC CO2 solution: innovative oil management boosts efficiency and reliability

multi DC is CAREL's most innovative solution for CO2 racks. Its cooling capacity and extremely wide modulation range make it perfect for small and medium-sized supermarkets. It has now been improved with a new patent-pending oil management system, for high reliability in all operating conditions.

Speaker: Federico Ferrari, Matteo Dal Corso

12:15-1:00 p.m. (GMT+2), 30 March

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Increasing CO2 gas cooler efficiency and safety with CAREL's chillBooster

Increasingly high summer temperature peaks impact condenser and gas cooler performance. Evaporative cooling is an effective solution to give new life to installed coils, increasing their efficiency and reliability, or reducing coil size for new installations. This webinar presents chillBoster, with the focus on the benefits it brings to food retail refrigeration systems.

Speaker: Giovanni Bonesso, Federico Ferrari

5:00-5:30 p.m. (GMT+2), 30 March

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Speaker: Giacomo Favari

1:00-1:45 p.m. (GMT-5), 30 March

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Transcritical CO2 - controller solution - Made in Ecuador Rack

Introduction of CAREL solutions for CO2 compressor racks - pRack300T. This introduction will present a simplified view of the P+I control for a standard CO2 system in multiple configurations (parallel compressor, emJ), the main features available on the controller and a brief overview of the first compressor rack designed and assembled in South America.

Speaker: Carlos Mojica

2:00 - 2:45 p.m. (GMT-5), 30 March (in Spanish)

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Speaker: Rafael Santoro

5:00 - 5:45 p.m. (GMT-3), 30 March (in Portuguese)

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