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Andrea Bianchi

Application Specialist - Refrigeration Solutions

Andrea Bianchi graduated in Energy Engineering from the University of Padua in 2018. 
After working briefly in the renewable energy sector, he joined CAREL, taking part in the fourth edition of the “Join the future” graduate programme. 
As an Application Specialist for Refrigeration Food Service, he provides technical and commercial support to the branches, in particular for the new platform of parametric products with advanced features of connectivity and customisation.




Giovanni Bonesso

Product Specialist - Adiabatic Systems

Giovanni Bonesso graduated in Energy Engineering at the University of Padua in 2015. After a couple of experiences at energy service companies (ESCo), working as energy efficiency engineer, he joined Carel in 2018 as a Product Specialist in the humidifier and evaporative coolers platform. As a product specialist, he provides technical and commercial support to subsidiaries and shares Carel’s knowledge of humidification products. He is also actively involved in the latest product development projects, driving innovation and supporting all company areas in the optimisation of product flows, from R&D to delivery.




Gianluca Caracino

Application specialist - Retail Solutions

After graduating in Automation Engineering (University of Padova, 2015), Gianluca Caracino joined CAREL as an Application Specialist in the Food Retail Business Unit. He is currently involved in the development and distribution of specific electronic controllers for mutiplexed cabinets featuring advanced connectivity options. As part of the Sales & Marketing department, he provides technical and commercial support to subsidiaries and the sales network.




Matteo Dal Corso

Application Manager - Retail Solutions

After obtaining his Master degree in Energy Engineering (Padua University, 2015), Matteo Dal Corso joined CAREL working as an Application Specialist for food retail refrigeration application.He is currently in charge of the development and deployment of electronic controllers dedicated to centralized supermarket and condensing units by defining marketing strategies, proposing new solutions and supporting the sales network with technical and application consulting. During the last period he has been focused mainly on the use of DC compressors in CO2 transcritical application.




Federico Ferrari

Application specialist - Retail Solutions

Federico Ferrari graduated in Energy Engineering from the University of Padua in 2018. 
After an initial experience at a consultancy company, he joined CAREL as part of the 4th “Join the Future” graduate program. He currently works as an Application Specialist for Refrigeration Food Retail solutions, with the focus on compressor racks and condensing units. As part of the Sales & Marketing department, he provides technical and commercial support to the sales network at CAREL’s subsidiaries.




Marco Fusca

Application specialist - Retail Solutions

After obtaining his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Padua, 2011), Marco Fusca gained extensive international experience as a product engineer for valve applications in the oil & gas sector.
Marco joined Carel in 2019 as an Application Specialist for food retail refrigeration applications.
He is currently in charge of the development and deployment of high-efficiency solutions, defining marketing strategies and supporting customers and the sales network with technical and application consulting.
Recently he has been focused mainly on the use of DC compressors with natural refrigerants, CO2 and propane.




Biagio Lamanna

HVAC/R Knowledge Center Manager

Biagio Lamanna got his university degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Padua in 1998, dedicating a major part of his studies on thermodynamics and its applications.
Since April 2000 he has been working for CAREL, focusing his career in the HVAC&R market and technologies, first as Laboratory Engineer, then as Manager of the HVAC&R applications competence center, part of the CAREL R&D process.
Now he is leading the HVAC&R Knowledge Center, a dedicated process that aims to increase the CAREL Group competences through laboratory research projects, training programs and lobby activities among the most influencing association worldwide.




Gabriele Putzolu

IoT Service Business Development Manager - Retail & Refrigeration

5 years of experience in supporting B2B customers solving their working pains with product and services. I’ve joined Carel Service Team last December the as Business Development Manager to support worldwide the business of Services for the Refrigeration market. Earlier, I operated in international companies of the lighting and building automation industry in different product and strategic marketing roles developing enterprise and IoT solutions for the professional sector. I have an Electronic engineer degree but I’m a marketeer by nature.




Miriam Solana Ciprés

HVAC/R Technical Knowledge Specialist -  HVAC/R Knowledge Centre

Miriam Solana Ciprés has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Padua, as well as having completed study and research periods at several universities in Italy and Spain, and at the USDA in the United States.
Currently, she works at the HVAC/R Knowledge Centre at CAREL headquarters, with the objective of strengthening specific technical competencies inside the Group through training programs, and lobbying activities amongst the most influential associations worldwide. Over the last five years her activities have concentrated on studying refrigerant and energy efficiency regulations and trends, with a focus on the use of natural refrigerants, disseminating information through worldwide conferences, seminars, documentation and the corporate blog.





Giovanni Tonin

Application Manager - Refrigeration Solutions

Giovanni Tonin, graduated in Management Engineering at Padua University, joined CAREL in 2012, working in the food retail refrigeration business. As an Application Specialist he was responsible for development and deployment of high-efficiency condensing units equipped with DC compressor technology, solutions that are widely used in Asia. Last year on the other hand he was specifically focused on CO2 transcritical DC condensing units for the European market.
Starting in 2017 he has been working in the commercial refrigeration business, developing high-efficiency solutions for refrigerated merchandisers charged with hydrocarbon refrigerants and featuring innovative connectivity options.



CAREL Australia




Michael Kuehl

Customer Solution Team

Michael Kuehl a graduate refrigeration engineer joined Carel Germany in 2012. After moving to Australia he started a position at Carel Australia in 2016, supporting local customers with technical support in engineering and aftersales inquiries. A key function of Michaels role, as an Application Specialist is supporting Carel 's solutions for natural refrigerants and high efficiency solutions for refrigeration and retail markets, combining a strong product knowledge with a solid thermodynamic training. "At the end of my apprenticeship, my supervisor explained to me that the learning has just started. And what became an inspiration for me to keep an open mind and interest in new technologies, also drives me to introduce customers to the new solutions and support them in their business to succeed.


CAREL Sud America


Carlos Mojica

Sales Consultant

Electromechanical engineer specialised in HVAC/R consultative sales and customer relationship management. After having studied sales management, energy efficiency and maintenance management, he has acquired more than 12 years’ experience in business development on both the sales and technical sides of refrigeration and air conditioning industries. He has been working at CAREL for more than three years and currently is the Sales Consultant for the Andean Region in South and Central America and the Caribbean Islands.




Rafael Santoro

Application Engineer - Customer Solution Team

With experience in areas such as electronic board manufacturing and heavy automotive (truck) component lines, as an electrical engineer Rafael Santoro has also increased his knowledge in the fields of automation, monitoring systems and IoT services since joining CAREL in 2015. He currently carries out technical support, managing projects and training, with competencies for HVAC and Refrigeration systems, supporting Brazil and Latin America.





Marcel Daissuke Nishimori

Technical Coordinator - Customer Solution Team

With specialisation and degree in Engineering from the University of Campinas, Marcel Nishimori has developed his career in the refrigeration market, gaining experience in research laboratories and at equipment manufacturers.
He joined Carel in 2013 to support the Latin America market in the technical area, and was subsequently appointed Technical Coordinator for Brazil, with responsibility for coordinating software development, after-sales support and R&D activities for high-efficiency condensing units.







Giorgio Fontana

Technical Manager - Refrigeration solution

Giorgio Fontana serves as Technical Refrigeration Manager at Carel’s South East Asia operation. He joined the CAREL Group in 2000. With a study background in electronics, he has over 30 years’ experience in CPU-based solutions and systems for the HVAC/R markets. His areas of responsibility are technical support and account management in the region, focusing on CAREL’s DC and natural refrigerant solutions.









Mik Fei

Marketing Specialist

joined the company in 2006. Currently, he is mainly responsible for solution promotion, product selection and technical support in the supermarket/convenience store segment. Main products/solutions include: pR300 (traditional HFC RACK system), pR300T(transcritical CO2 system, high pressure valve), pR300T (CO2 ejector system), HECU (BLDC condensing unit with CO2/HFC/HFO), HEOS (BLDC water loop system with HFC/HFO/R290/CO2).





Tom Chen

Senior Application Specialist - Refrigeration

Tom Chen received a Master’s degree in Electronic and Communication from Soochow University. He has international experience as an electronics engineer for thermostat sector. After joining CAREL in 2016, working in the food service refrigeration and cold room business. As a senior Marketing Specialist, he is in charge of high-efficiency solutions for commercial refrigerator charged with hydrocarbon refrigerants and featuring innovative connectivity options as well as enhancing customers' brand experience in the APAC region.



CAREL Thailand


Nakarintra Wongsasithorn

National Sales Manager - Refrigeration solution

Mr. Nakarintra is National Sales Manager -REF for CAREL Thailand, a company that manufactures and sells high-tech components and solutions for high energy efficiency in the control of air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVAC/R). Mr. Nakarintra earned a Master of Engineering from Chulalongkorn University. Prior to his current position, he worked for various multinational companies in the electrical distribution and lighting business.





Gaurav Bali

Manager Technical Sales - Refrigeration & Retail

Gaurav has over 14 years’ experience in the HVAC/R industry and has worked in the refrigeration business for the last 11 years. In his present assignment he is responsible for CAREL’s refrigeration controller business in India. He has an MBA with specialisation in Marketing & Operation Management.







John Atchley

Head of Sales - Retail Refrigeration

For the last 20 years, John Atchley has worked in several sales leadership roles in technology fields that support online and traditional bricks and mortar retail store types. He began his career in telecommunications and e-Commerce fields where he worked with major brands like Disney, FedEx Kinko’s, Yahoo!, Google & Apple. He then moved into the sustainability industry by leading global sales efforts for a controls company that developed a low level form of AI. He worked out of Europe and Hong Kong during his tenure there, and landed business with major large multi-national beverage brands such as Pepsi, Heineken, InBev and SAB Miller. As Head of Sales at Carel, John leads the Retail Refrigeration team’s sales strategy and operations.




Giacomo Favari

Marketing Manager Refrigeration - North America

Giacomo Favari received a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Padua after completing a study and research period in Germany with an emphasis on thermodynamics. He started working on the optimization of CO2 transcritical cycles early in his career. After joining CAREL in 2012, he progressed through several technical, sales, and marketing roles in different geographies, including the Middle East, Southern Europe, South America, and North America. In his current role, he is Carel USA's refrigeration marketing manager, supporting CAREL's high-efficiency technology adoption and enhancing customers' brand experience in the North American region.