Electrical panel for Retrofit solutions

Electrical panel for Retrofit solutions
  • General characteristics

    Just how many refrigeration and air conditioning installations are there throughout the world? Whatever the actual number, it is certainly huge.
    Retrofitting old systems, required to comply with new environmental directives but also seen as a business opportunity, is definitely an interesting prospect. Performing a retrofit on an existing system with the objective of implementing continuous and detailed monitoring in compliance with HACCP regulations allows users to:

    • control the temperature of existing chillers with low impact systems, avoiding having to replace of the electronics installed on the units themselves;
    • limit the amount of wiring by taking advantage of wireless technology and thus significantly reducing installation costs;
    • simplify data recording procedures;
    • record and monitor the data relating to the system;
    • prevent and/or identify possible critical events and automatically advise the system supervisor via email, SMS or fax in order to implement corrective actions;
    • process reports, tables and automatic graphs for system logs to be stored and archived according to HACCP regulations, reducing the time needed to complete the required forms;
    • monitor the system, even remotely;
    • receive all the parts needed for the installation from a single supplier.


    CAREL offers the complete package for the electrical panel equipped with valve driver and electronic valve. It is a plug & play solution that allows quick replacement in the field. In fact, the driver accepts a simple on/off signal that also comes from a mechanical thermostat and then takes care of the rest. No special settings are needed because it is already preconfigured in the factory. The old mechanical thermostat can therefore be easily replaced without any special modifications to the system and, especially, without the need to change the specific control parameters, which is not always easy for installers and more suited to a technical design office.