"Air humidification" book

"Air humidification" book
Ever since the company was founded in 1973, CAREL has stood out as a company at the cutting edge in the research and development of new technological solutions in the air-conditioning and refrigeration sectors.
As a result of our investments and above all the people we have chosen as our partners, we have become the leading company in Italy, and one of the first three in the world, in the production of humidifiers: a major player that today offers its detailed knowledge and experience accumulated over years of research, collected and organised in a book dedicated to air humidification. 
Despite the complexity of the subject matter, on browsing the index it is immediately clear how this guide is practical and complete, set out into independent chapters that can be read separately, according to whether the reader's interest is in theoretical or practical topics. Furthermore, it represents a means for promoting the scientific awareness of the topic that can resolve any doubt or confusion.
This work is aimed above all at designers, providing them a valid source of in-depth information on all aspects of air humidification.
Scientific knowledge of ambient humidity and the instruments used to control it is essential in many industrial processes and, moreover, helps improve personal well-being in the work environment and, in general, the quality of life. 
The book is distributed free-of-charge to designers and consultants during the Humidification system meetings organised by CAREL. 


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