Heat Recovery Unit

Heat Recovery Unit Heat Recovery Unit
  • General characteristics

    The new Carel software for active/passive Heat Recovery and compact Air Handling Units, based on c.pco mini programmable controller, benefiting from the enhanced features of c.suite development environment for great performances and easy machine configuration.
    It features a wide range of functions, including all of Carel know-how in high efficiency solutions for ventilation applications:

    • EC fans for precise and energy saving fan modulation
    • Control of refrigerant circuit, in particular with BLDC compressors, to maximize energy recovery from the exhaust air.
    • High efficiency CAREL devices for maximum energy savings: power+ inverters, EEVs, adiabatic humidifiers 
    • Thermal wheel and cross plate heat exchangers

    It includes advanced functionalities for the most efficient control of the indoor conditions:

    • Supply air temperature / humidity regulation based on room temp
    • Dehumidification mode on dew point
    • Freecooling/freeheating management, with control of indoor air quality
    • Setpoint compensation
    • Incremental PID
    • Antifreeze management, both on unit OFF or steady state
    • Advanced defrost for the heat exchanger and the refrigerant circuit
    • Management of different HMIs: pGD1, pLDPro, ThTune
    • Auxiliary regulations
    • Alarms management
    • Scheduler with different programmable states for each event

    The standard package includes 4 different preconfigurations of the IOs, corresponding to 4 general types of units, which can be used with no modifications or freely customized on machine specifications through c.suite integrated tools (c.design).

  • Plus

    • Standard solution for the management of compact Air Handling Units and active/passive Heat Recovery Units
    • Based on c.pco Sistema and c.suite environment.
    • Optimized in terms of control platform and unit logic
    • Integrating high efficiency Carel solutions
    • Complete logic, with 4 different preconfiguration free to be customized with c.design tool
    • Reduced time  to market for the manufacturer