Sofia Coin

Sofia Coin works as Application Specialist at the CAREL Climate Business Unit.
She graduated in Management Engineering at the University of Padova in 2012 and later she joined CAREL, taking part in an extensive training program in different areas of the company, including a two-months period at the US subsidiary. From Jan. 2014 until Dec. 2016, she joined the Chinese subsidiary, working as Application Specialist at the CAREL Climate Business Unit, with the aim of supporting the sales force and deepening the chinese market requests.
Since Jan. 2017 Sofia has resume working at CAREL HQs, supporting subsidiaries and expanding and sharing CAREL’s knowledge on specific applications.
The printing industry features a multitude of different technologies that can be used, from traditional printing (such as offset printing, rotogravure printing, screen printing, etc.) to digital
Paper is a hygroscopic material that tends to reach a condition of equilibrium with the temperature-humidity conditions of the surrounding environment. Any swings in temperature and humidity
In order to ensure an efficient process and excellent and consistent quality of the printed product, the temperature and humidity in places designed for the storage and printing of paper and
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