Valerio Nalini

Valerio Nalini is a Controller and M&A Analyst at the CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A. Finance Department.
He graduated in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Padova and joined CAREL in 2005.
His work experience includes the positions of Industrial Controller in the Finance Department and Lean Change Agent in the Organisation Department. In these positions, he developed specific financial reporting and applied advanced analysis techniques to improve process performance while reducing operating costs.
He also had a significant experience in the Climate Business Unit, focusing on specific applications such as museums, hospitals and pharmaceuticals. One of his objectives was to expand and share knowledge of the most innovative energy-efficiency solutions in humidity control as a contribution to continuous improvement in this industry.
The materials used to make the conserved artworks are the same as those already examined: canvas, wood, paper, parchment; nonetheless, the conservation of these requires limits that are much
As seen in our post Artworks sensitivity to relative humidity , the characteristics of materials used to make artworks change according to the relative humidity of the surrounding air. In this
The characteristics of materials used to make works of art change based on relative humidity. In particular, their moisture content tends to reach equilibrium with the humidity in the
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