Miriam Solana Ciprés

Miriam Solana Ciprés holds a PhD of Chemical Engineering from the University of Padua, authoring several technical publications in international journals such as The Journal of Supercritical Fluids or Bioresource Technology, and participating in numerous international conferences.
Currently, she works in the HVAC/R Knowledge Center of CAREL, whose objective is to strengthen the specific technical competencies inside the Group.
During 2016, she has focused her activities in the study of refrigerants and energy efficiency regulations, and diffusion of the information through white papers and seminars.
Keeping a comfortable temperature throughout the year has become a must. Not so long ago, people used to just have a stove to heat the house in winter, with temperature control based on their own
With an outdoor temperature of 26°C on 24 October, it could be said that the weather in Madrid was in line with the main focus of the first ATMOsphere Ibérica event: the challenges of natural
Good news from the United States. Both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) are back after several months’ adaptation to the new administration. This summer,
Everything is happening at lightning speed! Just one and a half years ago, when I began going into detail on HFC refrigerant regulations, it all seemed to be about a change that would happen
Most wine, beer and milk are made by a process that uses a chiller. It is essential to take away the heat produced by mixing, cooking and pasteurisation. Chilling systems are also indispensable in
Ever since beverage coolers were patented in 1979 , hundreds of variations have been made to these cabinets that keep our bottles cold so we can enjoy a cool drink any time. Something that is
When the first warm weather arrived I left Italy, where people were starting to worry about how to cool their houses, heading to the Netherlands, where one of the main concerns is how to heat
Whereas many media-friendly political decisions have been made during the first 100 days of the new US administration, people working in HVAC/R sector are wondering whether the refrigerant and energy
Undoubtedly, the phasing out of HFC refrigerants has already started. The prices of high GWP refrigerants are gradually rising while availability is decreasing. For instance, Honeywell announced a
The beginning of the 21st century. We are living in an era in which technology is progressing in leaps and bounds. This means that the concept of “best technology available” is constantly changing .
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