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Cooling forward: how HVAC will charge EV mobility

2020, Rome. A man arrives quietly at a “gas” station in his brand-new car. He jumps down from the car and lights a cigarette. He looks around, takes the charger and fills up the car. After 15 minutes, his car is fully recharged, and he heads off towards Milan without needing to stop on the 600 km trip. Yes, believe it or not, this is an electric vehicle (EV). Ok, the dates and numbers...
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Eason Cheng
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Date: 24/05/18
Raul Simonetti
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Date: 17/05/18
Stefano Baldoni
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Date: 03/05/18
Paola De Troia
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Date: 26/04/18
Simone Carnielli
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Date: 19/04/18
Enrico Boscaro
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Date: 12/04/18
Biagio Lamanna
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Date: 30/03/18
Bryan Armstrong
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Date: 27/03/18
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Date: 22/03/18
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Date: 15/03/18
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Date: 09/03/18
Roberto Sandano
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Date: 22/02/18
Serena Ometto
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Date: 08/02/18
Marco Portale
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Date: 18/01/18
Sofia Coin
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Date: 30/11/17
Andrea Pagan
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Date: 02/11/17
Anthony Harrigan
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Date: 28/09/17
Andrea Oscar Frisiero
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Date: 15/06/17
Tommaso Ferrarese
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Date: 25/05/17
Carlo Bertelé
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Date: 18/05/17