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We will fog you!

You know that chill you feel on your face on a foggy day? Well, it’s caused by the heat released by your body to the small airborne droplets of moisture that touch your skin and evaporate. This is evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling exploits the natural evaporation of water to provide cooling. Water naturally evaporates into vapour as long as the air it is in contact...
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Generation Z: vision and hopes (vs. the establishment’s)

Any parent knows that kids want to get what they wish for now, and in the form and shape they like, and without wasting energy and time to get it and enjoy it , and, and, … This is typical of youth, when parents begin to slowly ‘unleash’ their kids, and they feel that the much-awaited freedom of realising their dreams, or at least of trying to, is within arms’ reach, aiming to live...
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A world of associations

Technological innovation is a part of the DNA of all companies that offer high-efficiency solutions and seek to anticipate market demands, to grasp needs that are yet to be expressed and to turn difficulties into opportunities. Along with a medium to long term strategic vision , it is beneficial to be present in the places where international trends are defined and the rules of the...
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Maximising heat recovery efficiency in ventilation units

Air quality inside residential and commercial buildings is an important parameter for personal comfort. Human activity in general produces CO 2 and other odorous contaminants, meaning air change is required by introducing fresh outside air. The increasing quality of insulation makes natural infiltration negligible, and therefore controlled mechanical ventilation is needed. This is the...
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What's air-conditioning?

  Air-conditioning is that process used to create and maintain certain temperature, relative humidity and air purity conditions in indoor spaces. This process is typically applied to maintain a level of personal comfort. It's also used in industrial applications to ensure correct operation of equipment or machinery that need to operate in specific environmental conditions or...
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