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Eureka Roadshow Italy

On September 15, 2017, the Eureka Roadshow Italy , organised by EPEE and EVIA, with Centro Studi Galileo as its partner and CAREL and ZIEHL-ABEGG as sponsors , was held at the nh Laguna Palace Hotel in Mestre (Venice). The purpose of the event was to share the conclusions of Eureka 2016 (The Hague, 13/12/2016) with an audience of manufacturers, industry associations, consultants,...
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The Future of HVAC 2017 by AIRAH

The Future of HVAC Conference , held over the past 5 years, has become the must-attend conference of the year. Industry leaders explore the advances, ideas, and innovations that are driving our industry’s future. The discussions encompass not only new HVAC technologies and materials, but advances in future design processes, HVAC and smart grids, net-zero buildings, big data, and...
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Why does the printing industry require humidity control?

In order to ensure an efficient process and excellent and consistent quality of the printed product, the temperature and humidity in places designed for the storage and printing of paper and cardboard needs to be controlled appropriately. What are the effects on paper? The hygroscopic nature of paper Paper is a hygroscopic material that tends to reach a condition of...
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Why does air relative humidity affect the quality of coatings?

The application of coatings on a surface is a process that is affected by the relative humidity of the surrounding environment. The speed and intensity of the reactions that generate the protective film are dependent on air conditions. This is even more the case when using water-based paints or powder paints , which are increasingly widespread in industrial processes due to their low VOC...
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New accepted refrigerants and energy standards in the United States

Good news from the United States. Both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) are back after several months’ adaptation to the new administration. This summer, two regulations affecting HVAC/R market have been approved , which are in line with the old ones. On one hand, the EPA has listed 11 refrigerants with medium GWP values as acceptable in some...
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A world of associations

Technological innovation is a part of the DNA of all companies that offer high-efficiency solutions and seek to anticipate market demands, to grasp needs that are yet to be expressed and to turn difficulties into opportunities. Along with a medium to long term strategic vision , it is beneficial to be present in the places where international trends are defined and the rules of the...
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IoT @Bottle Cooler

It is estimated that there are more than 47 million bottle coolers and vending machines installed around the world for soft drinks and beer . Most of these units operate without any direct supervision in small-medium stores . New services based on connected units can now overcome the problem of distance: a globally distributed cooler network can be easily accessible and under...
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Refrigerant prices: what is happening?

Everything is happening at lightning speed! Just one and a half years ago, when I began going into detail on HFC refrigerant regulations, it all seemed to be about a change that would happen gradually and be really noticed in around 5 years’ time. Indeed, except for home refrigerators, the F-gas regulation establishes banning dates from 2020 to 2025. Yet HFC refrigerant prices and...
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Maximising heat recovery efficiency in ventilation units

Air quality inside residential and commercial buildings is an important parameter for personal comfort. Human activity in general produces CO 2 and other odorous contaminants, meaning air change is required by introducing fresh outside air. The increasing quality of insulation makes natural infiltration negligible, and therefore controlled mechanical ventilation is needed. This is the...
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News from the ASHRAE in Long Beach

The 2017 ASHRAE Summer Conference was held in the westernmost part of the USA, specifically at the legendary Long Beach, in California, on June 23-28. What brought a few thousand people to the ASHRAE Conference? Well, apart from the beach, good fish, and nice weather, there were a few topics that really aroused the interest of professionals down there. The hot topic was above...
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