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Let’s talk about IoT: are all smart appliances really smart?

Smartphones, smart watches, smart bands, smart homes, smart grids, smart heat pumps: I’ve probably left a few out. Including, and I’ve never understood why, poor old tablets, notebooks, ultrabooks, and even the now-defunct netbooks, among the few devices that have rarely been lucky enough to be called smart .  Therefore, as the inconsistency of what we often read and see defined on...
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The Future of HVAC 2017 by AIRAH

The Future of HVAC Conference , held over the past 5 years, has become the must-attend conference of the year. Industry leaders explore the advances, ideas, and innovations that are driving our industry’s future. The discussions encompass not only new HVAC technologies and materials, but advances in future design processes, HVAC and smart grids, net-zero buildings, big data, and...
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IoT @Bottle Cooler

It is estimated that there are more than 47 million bottle coolers and vending machines installed around the world for soft drinks and beer . Most of these units operate without any direct supervision in small-medium stores . New services based on connected units can now overcome the problem of distance: a globally distributed cooler network can be easily accessible and under...
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IoT: data processing in a world of connected machines

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a reality. It is estimated that 8.4 billion objects will already be connected in 2017 , a 30% increase with respect to 2016, resulting in a total business of 2 trillion dollars. In 2020 , it is estimated that connected objects will generate more than 900 exabytes (1018) of data (Gartner sources). This development is an excellent opportunity in...
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