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IoT @Bottle Cooler

It is estimated that there are more than 47 million bottle coolers and vending machines installed around the world for soft drinks and beer . Most of these units operate without any direct supervision in small-medium stores . New services based on connected units can now overcome the problem of distance: a globally distributed cooler network can be easily accessible and under...
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Biagio Lamanna
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Date: 14/12/17
Miriam Solana Ciprés
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Date: 07/12/17
Sofia Coin
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Date: 30/11/17
Enrico Boscaro
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Date: 23/11/17
Andrea Pagan
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Date: 02/11/17
Luigi Nalini
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Date: 12/10/17
Raul Simonetti
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Date: 05/10/17
Anthony Harrigan
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Date: 28/09/17
Serena Ometto
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Date: 24/08/17
Roberto Sandano
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Date: 06/07/17
Andrea Oscar Frisiero
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Date: 15/06/17
Tommaso Ferrarese
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Date: 25/05/17
Carlo Bertelé
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Date: 18/05/17
Nicola Coccato
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Date: 13/04/17
Valerio Nalini
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Date: 06/04/17